Tourist arrivals in Chalkidiki to drop 40 pct as result of works in Macedonia airport

Tourist arrivals in Chalkidiki are expected to be reduced up to 40 pct as a result of the works in the “Macedonia” airport, Grigoris Tassios, president of Chalkidiki Hoteliers Association, estimated.

“These are works not related to the works of Fraport-Greece due to be held when it takes over the airport late January. These are works that were supposed to have been completed by the end of May,” he explained to the radio station of the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

“We have been rather concerned over the last week because aiport companies keep asking when the works will be completed because we do not have a specific timetable,” he said.

“The Civil Aviation Authority has estimated that arrivals and departures will drop 50 pct at least during the first four months. But we now see that there is not a clear answer to the companies that apply for parking positions (slots),” he underlined adding that a possible date is July 31, at the peak of the tourist season. “If this scenario comes true, the drop in revenues will be even higher,” he said.