Traffic restrictions in central Athens on Sunday for 31st Athens Run

Temporary traffic restrictions will be imposed in central Athens this Sunday for the 31st Athens Run taking place in the city centre, with cars forbidden from entering, stopping or parking in roads along the route of the race.

The restrictions will apply on one or both lanes of the roads listed, as well as all roads leading off them up until the first junction. They include: Vassilisis Amalias Avenue, Panepistimiou, Stadiou, Syntagma Square, Filellinon, Vassilisis Olgas, Karaiskaki Square, Athanasiou Diakou, Irodou Attikou, Vassilisis Georgiou II, Rigillis, Pireos Street beween Hamosternas and Petrou Ralli (Omonia-bound lanes), Pireos Street beween Iera Odos and Omonia Square (both lanes), Pireos Street between Petrou Ralli and Iera Odos (Omonia-bound lanes), Athinas Street between Sofokleous Street and Omonia Square, Synggrou Avenue between Amalias Avenue and Frantzi Street, Synggrou Avenue between Kallirois Street and Frantzi Street (Athens lanes), Synggrou Avenue between Frantzi and Lagoumitzi (lanes to Pireos), the exit to Pireos linking Synggrou and Kallirois, Lagoumitzi from the Pireos exit to Koukaki bridge, Kallirois between the Koukaki bridge and the Thessaloniki Road Bridge (Pireos lanes), Hamosternas from the Thessaloniki Road Bridge to Pireos Street (Pireos Lanes), Vassilisis Sofias Avenue between Xenia Street to Vassilisis Amalias Avenue, Vassilisis Sofias Avenue between Xenia Street and Zacharov (lanes to Vassilis Konstantinou Avenue), Ardittou between Vassilisis Olgas Avenue and Vouliagmenis Avenue, Vassilis Konstantinou Avenue, Ploutarchou Street between Ypsilantou and Vassilisis Sofias Avenue.
Cars are also forbidden from crossing the race route when these are closed to traffic, except at the
following controlled junctions:

Synggrou Avenue and Vourvachi
Synggrou Avenue and Petmeza
Hamosternas and Kilis
Pireos and Petrou Ralli
Pireos and Persephonis
Pireos and Kolokynthous
Pireos and Kolonou
Stadiou and Amerikis