Train derails without injuries; Syriza response

The engine car of a passenger train derailed near the Thessaloniki station shortly after midnight on Sunday.

The train that left Larissa was pulling into the city when the front wheels went off the rails for unknown reason. There were no injuries, and a review has been launched.

Responding to the incident, SYRIZA MPs Nikos Papaps and Christos Giannoulis said the incident shows the lack of the railroad tracks’ maintenance and the “full abandonment of the train by the Mitsotakis government, as long as the jeering by Mr. Karamanlis, who likes to drone on and on but not move to action.” Moreover, they said, this happens on the European Year of Rail.

Thanks to the engine driver, the main opposition MPs said, and his quick reflexes, none of the passengers was injured. “How many derailments will we witness before the Railroad Organization of Greece (OSE) and the government do their duty and restart the network’s maintenance work, before a serious accident occurs?” they asked.