Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis: Hellinikon site to be delivered to investor in June 2018

Greek authorities will formally deliver the Hellinikon site to the investor in June 2018, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis said on Thursday. Speaking in Parliament, Spirtzis said that the investor was responsible for the delay in the relocation of the Road Transport department’s depot, which covers an area of 80,000 sq.m. and parks 370 buses.

“There is no delay from the government side on the Hellinikon. The investor has submitted a plan for the relocation of Road Transport’s depot in the summer of 2017 with a seven month delay,” Spirtzis said, responding to a question from an opposition party deputy in Parliament.

“The delivery of Hellinikon to the investor must be done within three months of the transfer of shares, according to the agreement,” the Greek minister said, adding that “works at the Hellinikon site could begin by the end of the year if the investor had done what he should have done”.