Travellers trust Greece as a safe destination, Kikilias says

“Travellers trust Greece as a safe destination,” Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Tuesday in an interview with Alpha 9.89 radio.

He added that October advance bookings for the summer of 2022 were 30 pct higher compared to the October 2018 advance bookings for the summer of 2019. Cruises showed a significant increase, he added, which exceeded 200 pct in northern Greece and Thessaloniki.

“All this fills us with responsibility and obligations, because we feel that the summer this year will start in spring. So, from March we must all be ready, with organised beaches, with high quality services provided in our hotels and accommodation. We also cooperate with the trade associations, as trade is directly related to tourism and tourist areas have increased commercial activity,” the minister noted.

Asked about the income from tourism in 2021, he stated: “The initial forecasts were 5-6 billion euros for 2021 and, following the very good months we had even after the summer, it exceeded 10 billion and will increase further. We will have a better view of the situation when we calculate the last quarter of the year.”