“TripInView” is the first visual travel website and it is Greek

“TripInView” is the first visual travel website and it is Greek.

Its founder Achilles Chatzinikos spoke to Praktorio 104.9 FM about this innovative website that gives you the opportunity to explore the Mediterranean beach resorts and stunning coastlines. As he said, 44 percent of travellers choose the Meditarranean for their summer holidays and the website will help them decide on the proper destination based on high-definition photos and videos.

Chatzinikos said their team compiled more than 300 hours of high-definition video. They also shot 800,000 high-definition photos of the coastline. All visuals were shot from a helicopter.

TripinView documents 40,000 kilometers of the Mediterranean coastline from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Malta, Monaco and Turkey. The aim of TripinView.com is to document all the Earth in the next five years, like a “much more detailed Google Earth.”