Troika asks for additional measures

Troika is determined to put more pressure on the government in order to close all open issues or open new ones and implement all the prerequisite measures.

Their goal is to watch closely the new ministers to ensure that they will comply with all the required measures so as everything will be settled until the upcoming evaluation in September.

The auditors did not hide their disappointment during yesterday’s meeting with Mr. Hardouvelis, regarding the 600 uncompleted actions.

The government’s economic team assured, however, that the recovery of Greece’s credibility and the rapid implementation of the agreed points are government’s key priorities. In addition, it committed to present soon a plan which will cover the fiscal gaps created by judicial decisions for restoring the wages of some groups of public sector.

Today the employment relations are expected to be discussed (large-scale redundancies, strikes, etc.) during a meeting with Minister of Labour Yannis Vroutsis. A special reference was also made by IMF representative in Washington, Mr. Rice who reiterated that the issues of large-scale redundancies and strikes should be addressed soon.

Yesterday afternoon, the new representative of the European Commission Declan Costello said that the structural changes should be continued and the problem of ‘red’ loans should be resolved soon.

Moreover, the government’s economic team sees now that it is quite difficult to negotiate on the tax relief measures.

The auditors asked the Finance Minister Gikas Hardouvelis to develop his plan making clear that discussions on tax relief measures would start after reaching the tax collection goals and completing reforms.