Tsakalotos: Attainable to reach comprehensive agreement on program review on April 7

It is attainable to achieve a comprehensive agreement with Greece’s creditors on April 7, Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos told the parliament’s Economics Committee on Thursday.

The minister said it is very possible to have a discussion with the institutions on the entire package of measures, which includes the reforms after the end of the current program, the “good” and “bad” measures, the surpluses, the medium-term debt relief, in order to achieve a deal by April 7.

“I consider this the most plausible scenario. It may happen sooner and in a better way. But I think this is an attainable target,” he told MPs.

Concerning the ongoing negotiations, he said the technical teams of the two sides continued their teleconferences on Wednesday and Thursday to discuss pending issues, adding they will have been competed tonight. He said there might be one more teleconference with the institution at a ministerial level on Friday morning.

“The aim is to close as many issues as we can in order to go to the Eurogroup with very few pending issues,” Tsakalotos said, noting the best-case scenario for Monday’s finance ministers meeting in Brussels would be to have a comprehensive solution for almost all issues.