Tsipras: A new social contract to keep society upright

Main opposition SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras stressed the need for a new social contract to keep society upright in an interview with ‘Avghi’ newspaper on Sunday and accused the government of inaction that leads with mathematical precision and cynical calculation to the destruction of small and medium-sized enterprises and a regime of cheap and uninsured employment.

Tsipras described the new normality in gloomy colors: “The lockdown is coming to an end and what remains as the new normality is rotation employment, salary cuts, redundancies and closures of businesses. The government is acting – or rather not acting – by investing in an economic neoliberal doctrine of herd immunity. It seeks a dramatic change in employment and business climate … We want and expect a constant dialogue with the social classes intended for sacrifice by the prime minister in the name of the crisis, so that they become flags of war. Otherwise, if the social majority is left to the ‘charity’ of the government, the crisis will turn into an economic pandemic, to its detriment.”
Regarding the programmatic reconstruction of SYRIZA on the way to the conference, he said: “We will present the main axes of a new social contract, which based on a new alliance of paid work and healthy small and medium entrepreneurship will aim to rearrange the productive model for an economy that will support the needs of the majority. For sustainable development that will respect the environment. For a reliable public health system. For a strong welfare state.”

Tsipras said that Greece must essentially insist on issuing a Eurobond, adding: “If the Eurobond does not move forward due to German stubbornness, then the Recovery Fund must provide support with a very brave liquidity package, proportionally all its countries.”
“Unfortunately, the government agrees with the Eurobond, but at the same time, it remains silent.”