Tsipras: We ask for a clear majority

The troika is leaving and it takes with it the corrupt political staff with its vested interests who steered Greece on the rocks, the leader of main opposition Radical Left Coalition Alexis Tsipras said in a speech on the island of Rhodes on Thursday, adding that only eleven days remain for people to rewrite history.

“We are ready to face the challenge and govern for the first time in history,” Tsipras said. “Our win will at the same time be a win for the people of Europe and especially the European south,” Tsipras noted, adding that “only the shortsighted Conservatives cannot see what is happening right now in the Continent.”

Political changes are not just happening in Spain, he said, where Podemos is already the first party and PM Mariano Rajoy’s party is third; The same holds true for Portugal, Italy and Ireland.

The leader of SYRIZA expressed once again the need for the party to receive a clear majority in parliament and called on Greeks to give “for the first time openly and without hesitation” a strong mandate to SYRIZA to secure majority. “We don’t ask for a majority out of arrogance, but for a majority to break with the old and the worn.”

Tsipras stressed that in order to achieve the necessary changes, two conditions need to be met: The first is a large, undeniable electoral win for SYRIZA that will secure a clear majority in parliament. The second one is “for Greeks to take the issue of democracy and change into their own hands, to take their government by the hand and help it when things are tough. Not to assign the work and then wait exhausted on the side.”

He also commented on issues referring to the Greek islands pledging, among others, that he will keep the low VAT rates that apply to the Aegean islands.

“We have days of hard work ahead of us but we have the appetite, the courage and the determination to give and win a battle for progressive change,” Tsipras said.