Tsipras determined to take advantage of positive momentum in economy

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras expressed his determination to take advantage of the positive momentum in the economy in order to take the country out of the memoranda.

Tsipras was speaking at the Thessaloniki summit on Friday.

He also spoke about development with fair distribution to everyone, well-paid jobs, investments with absolute respect for the Constitution, laws and the environment, with support for healthy entrepreneurship and a modern, coherent industrial policy.

“The programme will end on time and we will put an end to a long and particularly painful period for the country and the society, and the only necessary condition now is the safe conclusion of the third programme review in order to avoid a new round of uncertainty,” the prime minister underlined.

Moreover, Tsipras stressed that only through growth, will we be able to gradually reduce the taxes for businesses and households and relieve society of the excessive burden of taxation imposed by the lenders in the extraordinary circumstances of the crisis.