Tsipras discusses opportunities and challenges for local regions with regional governors

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras discussed the possibilities, advantages and challenges facing Greece’s regions during a meeting with the country’s 13 regional governors, in the presence of Interior Minister Panos Skourletis, at Maximos mansion.

Tsipras said that the reasons of the crisis are well known and referred to the distorted productive model of the past that contributed to the crisis. He asked the regional governors to draft “a new plan on the productive model that should be fair, sustainable and viable,” adding that “this issue refers to the whole political system, the productive groups and the local administration”.

“I want to have a substantive conversation with you, to plan the next day with sobriety and not miss this opportunity. I don’t want my introduction to be formal. I have the feeling that everyone – in the government, the political system and in the local government – an opportunity to thoughtfully plan the next day,” he said according to his office.

Among the points discussed was granting local government increased powers that will allow them to plan and implement growth policies effectively though the appropriate legislation.

Tsipras noted the characteristics and targets of sustainable development: the creation of stable and quality jobs, investing in comparative advantages, utilizing productive capabilities and the fair distribution of the benefits to society and particularly those hurt during the economic crisis.