Tsipras: Education minister should be removed from office over ‘disgraceful amendment’

Education Minister Niki Kerameos should be removed from duties, SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras said on Wednesday, over an amendment she is promoting to recognize the graduates of private three-year colleges as being professionally on par with Greek four-year state universities.

Tsipras made his statements following contacts with the head of the Technical Chamber of Greece Giorgos Stassinos and the head of the Economic Chamber of Greece Constantine Kollias, party sources said.

Their strong protests against the amendment which he said “is unconstitutional” and “slipped in unobtrusively” by the minister are “valid” and “fair”.

Such an amendment would be a “scandalous gift amendment” to private colleges to the detriment of thousands of engineers and economists who are graduates of universities of the state. The protests extend to New Democracy officials, he said, and fairly so, while he called on engineers and economists serving as MPs to take a clear and public stance on the “disgraceful amendment”.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has no choice but to withdraw the controversial amendment and remove Kerameos from the ministry, he said.