Tsipras: Government’s measures delayed and insufficient

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Alexis Tsipras called the government’s measures against the high rates in energy “delayed and insufficient” adding that “Mitsotakis’ (Kyriakos, Prime Minister) deceit will be revealed in the citizens’ electricity bills”.
In an interview with the Sunday newspaper Real News, Tsipras invited the citizens to come, register and, with a 3-euro charge, vote in the party elections on Sunday 15 May and send a message of political change with their participation.
Referring to the government’s measures he said that for a long time Mitsotakis insists on ignoring the reality, our proposals, the proposals of the people of the market and the society’s agony, however pointing out that if the government brings in parliament even a one-euro package of positive measures his party will vote it on the condition that he will not bring together, as he did many times in the past, a package with negative and harmful provisions.