Tsipras: Greece is a country that seeks peaceful co-existence with its neighbours

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras sent clear messages for Greece’ present and future on Sunday 25 March (Greece’s Independence Day from the Ottoman rule) from the island of Psara

“Greece is a pole of stability and guarantor of the stability and the safety in the region and does not allow to anyone to play games that set at risk the normality ” he said and explained “Greece is a country with strong defence, not to threat but to safeguard the peace and stability in the region, to serve the principle of good neighbourly relations”. Ηhe noted that Turkey must stop the illegal actions in the Aegean and respect Greece and Cyprus’ sovereignty rights. To respect the international law.

The prime minister said that “our thoughts are with the Greek servicemen that are currently detained in Edirne and we are doing whatever necessary to bring them back to Greece soon”.

He sent the message that “the next page of our history belongs to a Greece free from the wounds of the economic crisis and the suffocating surveillance that we experience in the last 8 years, a period that comes to an end in a few months” he said adding that “now is the moment that we must build on solid foundations the future of our country” he underlined.

The prime minister noted that “Greece is facing the future with optimism and is standing up as a modern, European and democratic country with social justice, equality and total respect to the freedoms of the individual” .

Concluding he clarified that Greece is a country that seeks the peaceful co-existence, the solidarity and the cooperation with its neighbours but in parallel it demands the total respect to its sovereignty rights and its territorial integrity.

Tsipras visited the island of Psara to attend the commemoration events for Greece’s Independence Day.