Tsipras: Greece of 2014 has nothing in common with the Greece of 2019

“In the six months after Greece’s exit from the memoranda, the government has focused on a very demanding but also a beautiful project which is to lay the foundations in order for the country to move to the future with safety based on its own strength and by taking advantage of its comparative advantages” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Friday addressing Delphi Economic Forum.

Tsipras said that SYRIZA government worked with determination and honesty and assumed the great mission to succeed in four years not only to heal the wounds of decades but also to form a new vision and plan for the next day.

“Today we have covered a great part of the way. We are aware we have much more to do in order for our vision to become true” he said adding that the Greece of 2014 has nothing in common with the Greece of 2019. “This is a fact” said Tsipras.

He said that Greece today is a force that has the knowledge and ways to work for the benefit of stability, cooperation and co-existence in a very troubled region. “We just took advantage of the opportunities in order to co-form positive developments with our neighbours that showed the same courage, determination and seriousness. We must claim that with our efforts our image in the Balkans and the southeastern Mediterranean has significantly improved”.

Tsipras characterised very pleasant the news from the research in Glafkos plot in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone and praised the fact that the Foreign Minister of Cyprus held a low profile on the issue during his speech earlier on Friday at Delphi’s Forum

He defended Cyprus’ rights over the drilling in its EEZ saying that both Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots should benefit from the exploitation of the energy resources and this can only be achieved after the resolution of the Cyprus issue.

Referring to the Prespes Agreement he characterised it a landmark not only for the two countries (Greece and North Macedonia) history but also for the Balkans because it is the first time that in a bilateral issue, the nationalism was defeated and was marginalised because the power of cooperation and the need for peaceful co-existence, the need for stability and co-growth gave the pace” said Tsipras.

“Today Greece and North Macedonia are no longer the two parts of a difficult to solve riddle for the international community. They are two neighbours that invest in friendship, in cooperation and solidarity and are an example not only for the Balkans and for Europe but for the whole world” he noted.

Tsipras announced that he will be the first Greek Prime Minister that will officially visit Skopje accompanied by a business mission adding that this visit will take place very soon.