Tsipras in parliament: New Democracy embraced both nationalism and populism

Main opposition party SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras mocked the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ assertions on CNN that the far Right and populism have been defeated, speaking in parliament on Monday evening during the debate closing on the government’s policy platform.

Tsipras said that as far as the extreme Right is concerned, “I will take it as a bad joke, since there are several former members of Orthodox Alert (former nationalist party) sitting among you today,” and speaking on populism, he said that “every time we gave critical battles abroad or completed a creditors’ review, you said we would fail.”

“For four years you called us liars,” added Tsipras, “purposely overlooking the fact we were the only government during the bailout memoranda to open itself to the judgment of the Greek people, in September 2015, with a (loan0 agreement on – not under – the table.”

The former PM also accused the New Democracy (ND) leader of using the tragic fire of Mati for political purposes, “yet had no problem later on taking on board the chief of police who handled the tragedy, for your government.”

The worst part of all, “you embraced nationalist-populist talk, and became so-called Macedonian warriors, adopting viewpoints you obviously did not believe,” Tsiras noted in reference to ND’s continuing support to the Prespes Agreement, despite its pre-electoral reactions against it.

“You did not win any battle against populism,” Tsipras concluded, “you encouraged it and made it you moving force in order to become political dominant.”