Tsipras is a weak prime minister, ND’s spokesperson says

“Mr Tsipras is a weak prime minister,” main opposition New Democracy (ND) spokesperson Maria Spyraki said on Thursday, adding that the government reshuffle confirmed his inability to remove ministers allegedly involved in scandals, such as Panagiotis Kouroumblis, Andreas Xanthos, Pavlos Polakis and Panagiotis Kammenos.

She noted that ND has asked for a preliminary investigative committee to be set up in order to examine whether the ministers Kouroumblis, Xanthos and Polakis might be liable for failing to rein in pharmaceutical spending during their terms in office. Spyraki cited documents claiming that the state incurred damages of 40 million euros and while social insurance fund patients were left 100 million euros out of pocket due to their pricing policies.

She also pointed to the political responsibility of the prime minister, which he has already mentioned in his speech to the parliament.

Asked about the appointment of Fotis Kouvelis as alternate defence minister, and whether the government reshuffle brings elections closer, she reiterated Wednesday’s statement that “especially for Mr Kouvelis’s case it was fair.” The rest was up to the government, she added, while noting that the countdown has begun.