Tsipras, Magnette, Keller, Hamon to discuss ‘Αn Alternative for Europeans’ in Brussels

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Minister-President of Wallonia Paul Magnette, Co-chair of the Greens/EFA group Ska Keller and Candidate to the French Presidential Election 2017 Benoît Hamon will speak at an event organized by the European Parliament’s Progressive Caucus (PC) in Brussels, on June 21.

The event, titled “Τhe Missing Scenario – Αn Alternative for Europeans”, will discuss the current political, economic and social conditions in Europe and propose alternatives.

The three Presidents of the Greens, European left (GUE/NGL) and S&D groups will also intervene shortly at the beginning of this discussion.

“There is no doubt saying that Europe is at a crossroads. Ignoring the necessity to reaffirm principles of solidarity, democracy, sustainability and equality by suggesting limited game-changing proposals is a denial of the ongoing process of disintegration,” the PC’s press release said.

“Inefficient and narrow liberalism is surprisingly inspiring a part of progressive forces who advocate for so-called “modern solutions” which have proven to be regressive: privileges of a minority over a majority, an absolute believing into free trade that undermines our democracies, social rights and environment, and a cult towards productivism. The combined forces of this blindness and fallacy are threatening the existence of the idea of Europe fuelling also far-right forces all over the continent,” it argues.

The publication of the White Paper on the future of Europe prepared by the European Commission does not match the great challenges Europe is facing, PC continues. The collection of vague scenarios is framed only in a paradigm of more or less Europe while failing to propose a vision for a desirable Union: a social Europe able to reclaim common goods and deliver benefits that consider the need of people operating in a world of diminishing resources.

“Progressive cannot give up the battle to transform the European Union. They should elaborate a project which precisely answers peoples’ concerns by protecting them instead of dealing with issues identified as priorities by the dominant ideology. In this spirit, the Progressive Caucus, created as a common platform in the European Parliament, wants to open a discussion on Progressive answer’s to Europe’s challenges,” it adds.

This event will take place at 18:30-21:30, at Brussels44 Center in Brussels and will be the opportunity for prominent European progressive actors to express their visions for a protective project for all Europeans.