Tsipras meets ECON Committee Chair Gualtieri; Athens aiming for return to normality, he says

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday received the Chair of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON) in the European Parliament Roberto Gualtieri, who is in Athens at the head of an ECON Committee delegation monitoring the Greek programme.

Commenting on the outcome of the June 15 Eurogroup, Tsipras noted its positive impact on the markets and the fact that interest rates on Greek bonds had dropped to their lowest levels since the start of the crisis in Greece. The country was very close to returning to the markets, Tsipras said, but the government’s main goal remained a return to normality, to create jobs and restore social rights.

The prime minister also highlighted the “strong message” that the Eurogroup agreement sent to investors: “The important thing about the agreement is the very clear reference that we are finishing with the memorandums in the summer of 2018,” he said in talks with Gualtieri, while praising the
valuable contribution of the European Parliament.

He asked Gualtieri that this cooperation should continue and to “work with you to earn the confidence of the markets but also to gain growth.”

In his reply, Gualtieri said that returning to the markets in the near future was a realistic goal. “We would like to see more but we see the positive reaction of the markets,” he added, while noting that the next task was to “look at growth in the long term”. Greece and Europe would look at the issue of growth, “we are committed to assist in this,” he added.

The majority of MEPs in the ECON delegation have reported finding significant and encouraging progress in the Greek economy.