Tsipras: Mitsotakis will be held accountable for the shambles of the epidemiological data

“If we were in any other EU country and a parallel coronavirus cases recording system had been revealed, two days after a public denial by the government spokesperson, at the very least we would have the resignations of the relevant ministers and those who rushed to cover up the truth,” main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance’s leader Alexis Tsipras said on Wednesday, arguing that the prime minister will not avoid being held accountable to the citizens for the shambles regarding the epidemiological data.

Specifically, he stated in a Facebook post: “Every day there is a new revelation shedding more light on the criminal responsibilities of the government for the management of the health crisis,” and that “today the newspaper Dimokratia reveals the contract of the National Public Health Organisation (NPHO) with a private company for the creation of a parallel system for recording cases, beyond that of the electronic social insurance governance platform IDIKA, which continued to operate.”

“A parallel contract at three times the cost and without anyone understanding its benefit,” he said. “A parallel record of cases that led to an unprecedented mess, leaving the statistics on which scientists were called upon to decide to be disputable in terms of both size and timeliness.”

Tsipras noted that “our country is daily seeing negative records in human losses and members of the relevant committee complain about opacity and incomplete or delayed information.” In addition to that, the Committee of Scientists is called upon to make decisions and suggestions for managing the pandemic without having full knowledge of the facts,” he added.