Tsipras, Moscovici express support for a more progressive Europe in Lisbon meeting

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici expressed support for more solidarity in the European Union during a meeting in Lisbon, on the sidelines of a meeting of the European Socialist Party.

The two officials also agreed that it is not enough for Greece to exit bailout supervision, but also to achieve growth and return to the markets.

“It is important to have successful examples, but successful left-wing examples, such as Portugal and Greece, because for me the important thing is not only to successfully complete the programs but to protect society, to try to boost development and tackle unemployment,” he said.

“Therefore, the important thing for me is to find a way not only to overcome the crisis but to overcome the social effects of these bad recipes, of neoliberal prescriptions,” he added.

Moscovici replied that there is a fairly wide support to Greek views, particularly in terms of supporting democracy, greater convergence and solidarity.

“I hope the Greek case will be over in the summer. The will of the Commission is clearly the Greec’s return to normalcy, with full access to markets at low interest rates, with social justice,” he said, adding that shares Tsipras’ view that the issue is not only to complete the program but to lead Greece into sustainable growth, job creation and social policies that will reduce inequalities.

The European Commissioner said the sacrifices of Greek citizens during the crisis and the efforts made with reforms led by the government must now be rewarded and bear fruit.

“We also share your view that we must fight for a progressive Europe. There is a very important vote on Monday, for Eurogroup President,” he said, adding that Socialists support Portugal’s Mario Centeno.
Moscovici said if Centeno is elected, it will be a European recognition of what Portugal achieved under the leadership of Prime Minister Antonio Costa, but also “a living proof that you can implement reforms with credibility and justice.”