Tsipras: No tradition, no religion requires people to remain on the sidelines

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras defended the government’s draft bill on the legal recognition of gender identity in parliament on Monday, saying that no tradition can justify marginalizing people who want to determine their gender.

“No tradition, no religion, no perception of family requires people to remain on the sidelines, or be pushed into an institutional and social oblivion. None,” he told lawmakers.

“The parliament is being called upon these days to do the obvious towards a substantial part of our fellow citizens who remained deliberately invisible by the State for decades. It is called upon to ensure the right to self-determination for every person living in this country,” he added.
Tsipras then criticized the main opposition for not specifying its position on the bill. “Are you in favour or against? At least answer with a Yes or No”

He said the debate on the widening of individual freedoms cannot be conducted on the basis of conservative distortions that not only ignores diversity but also calls for the punishment of the consequences of diversity.

Taking a dig at the Church of Greece, which openly expressed its strong objections to the bill, Tsipras said that those who are asking the government to scrap the legislation are essentially asking “to continue to allow conscientiously for the marginalization, bullying and humiliation of the personality of our fellow citizens to continue”.

He said the legal recognition of gender identity is a “small but important step in the gradual removal of discrimination that poisons and ultimately divides society”.