Tsipras: October 28 a milestone in Greek people’s struggles for freedom and independence

October 28 is a date that, 80 years later, “continues to stand as a milestone in the history of our people’s struggle for freedom and national independence,” SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Alexis Tsipras said on Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday.

“The popular ‘No’ of Greeks to Mussolini’s fascism and Hitler’s nazism, its continuation with the national resistance history, EAM, ELAS, EPON and other patriotic organizations, make us proud of our heritage,” Tsipras said. “They motivate us to remember and honor the young people with the swollen feet who were called ‘thugs’, and who gave everything, their lives even, for precious liberty.”

Tsipras said that now Greece is facing new threats, and its national sovereignty is being threatened anew, the “No” said in 1940 motivates the Greek people to a new patriotic unity, “to defend that which our fathers and grandfathers fought for – liberty, independence, and peace.”