Tsipras: On Sunday, we have ahead of us one more crucial referendum

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras likened the upcoming elections on Sunday to a new referendum which will decide whether Greece will move forward or backwards, during a speech at his party’s main election rally in central Athens on Friday night.

“On Sunday, we have ahead of us one more crucial referendum. The ballot’s dilemma is whether we’ll let Greece go backwards or continue together the great effort we started in January; to restore dignity to the country,” Tsipras told the crowd gathered at Syntagma square.

He also called on young voters to avoid abstaining and on left-wing voters not to allow the return of “the extreme neoliberal Right that wants to take revenge.” He also reached out to conservative voters and urged them to choose “integrity and honesty”, and pledged to form “a government of all Greeks” with a “progressive sign”.

Tsipras expressed his certainty that his party will receive the “third and final” mandate and even a comfortable majority to continue for a full four-year term the effort to change Greece adding that “people’s desire for life, justice and dignity cannot become the past.”