Tsipras: Ηospitals are beyond the red alert and on the verge of collapse

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Alexis Tsipras on Monday said the overall picture presented by the country’s hospitals was that “of a state of war” that the government was “without a plan”, after his visit to Erythros Stavros hospital in Athens.

“What else must happen for the government to understand the need to reinforce the national health system with permanent hirings of doctors and nursing staff and to requisition the private hospitals,” he wondered.

Tsipras said that the picture in all Attica hospitals “was that of a state of war” and that “hospitals are beyond the red alert stage and on the verge of collapse, and if they haven’t collapsed yet this is due to the superhuman efforts of doctors and nursing staff.”

Finally, SYRIZA’s leader noted that “in such a difficult times all should help, either private clinic owners or private doctors, and the governent should have a plan to support the national health system, even at the last minute.”