Tsipras preparing plans for a two-phase alliance strategy


The opposition leader Alexis Tsipras is currently working on a two-stage alliance strategy plan for the summer, as he has argued that general elections will take place sooner than what the coalition government may profess.

Amongst his main concerns is to avert the New Democracy/PASOK coalition of amassing the necessary 180 votes in Parliament in the Presidential election, in order to trigger general elections. Failure to do so would give the Samaras-Venizelos administration a temporary boost and new lease of life.

As such, Mr. Tsipras wants to open a channel of communication with independent MPs, DIMAR and to a lesser extent, the Independent Greeks (ANEL), in order to create a united front. This may be tricky in some cases, such as those of independent MPs Voudouris, Moutsinas and Parastatidis, who have clashed with SYRIZA in the past. Decisions regarding this matter will be made at SYRIZA’s upcoming Central Committee session.

The second phase of Mr. Tsipras plan is to prepare the ground for wider strategic alliances, in preparation for the general elections he wishes to trigger with the first phase of his plans. A contingent of former PASOK officers within SYRIZA, such as Alexis Mitropoulos, Yannis Michelogiannakis, Petros Kourouplis and Konstantinos Chrysogonos, are in favor of “expanding” the party’s scope.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Left Platform are against a “social democratic expansion” and initiating talks with more conservative parties. Antonis Davanelos recently posted an article criticizing these possibilities, arguing that they will not only fail to secure an election victory, they will also dramatically weaken the party.