Tsipras: Price hikes taking on the dimensions of a social crisis

“Τhe rising prices are taking on the dimensions of a social crisis. As long as income shrinks and debts increase, as bills for energy, electricity and natural gas, multiply and turnover for shop owners drops dramatically, the more we face the danger of having to deal with a social crisis, which will surpass even the difficult moments of the first memorandum years,” main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Alexis Tsipras said on Thursday, after touring the market in the city of Kalamata.
Tsipras spoke with consumers, shop owners and employees about the conditions in the market and the “explosive dimensions” of rising energy and fuel costs, as well as the high prices for all products and the “dramatic reduction” of income and purchasing power.
Concluding, he said that a recourse to the popular mandate was the only way out, so that SYRIZA can take responsibility for getting society, now at risk of being plundered once more, back on its feet.