Tsipras: Samaras is acting like a roving salesman of fear.

There will be no governing in company with those who served memorandums, main opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) leader Alexis Tsipras said on Thursday in his main campaign speech at Omonia Square in Athens prior to elections on Sunday, calling for national unity and a new dream for Greece.

“Sunday will not bring a victory just for SYRIZA, it will bring a historic triumph of the Greek people,” Tsipras said, and spoke of the party’s vision for social justice, health and welfare, a fairer taxation and a collaboration with southern European countries and the European Union itself.

The main opposition leader said he wanted to be able to form a government on its own vote strength and asked for a “clean, crystal-clear, unadulterated and indisputable mandate” so that there is “an end to national humiliation as of Monday.”

Tsipras attacked Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and his government with “being concerned only with holding on to power, with a divisive grand production of fear-mongering,” and said “at no other time has a prime minister abused his office, acting like a roving salesman of fear. Never has a prime minister rejected public debate so insistently, opting to hide in darkness, soliloquies and film editing.” He reiterated that the only definite forecast for the future is that the premier’s party, “New Democracy, will be looking for a new leader in February.”

Outlining some of the party’s concerns and priorities when it comes to power, Tsipras mentioned among other things the following: health and welfare of children and older people; adequate warmth and electric power in homes; access to education and jobs, especially for the young; taxation based on tax-giving ability; and equal rights for all citizens, including justice.

“We have a plan, and we commit to rejecting (fiscal) supervision, wherever it comes from,” the party leader said.

“Let us put an end to memorandums and let us negotiate toughly and with the interest of the Greek people foremost. We have a plan and we commit to seek to join the struggles of peoples of Southern Europe and with those of the whole European Union… We have a plan and we commit to guaranteed bank deposits for all citizens, dignified pensions, guaranteed farming subsidies, a state of justice and the stability and confidence of every Greek citizen,” he added.

Among other things, Tsipras said SYRIZA committed to “protecting 99% of society that was plundered by the memorandum and to locate, in order to hold them to payments, the 1% that systematically evades taxes and acts outside the law.” The lists of the “Lagarde list” type will be brought out of oblivion and reviewed for tax evasion, he said, calling on older people to cast their ballots for the party to support their grandchildren and the 200,000 young scientists who left the country to work and now cannot vote and decided for their future.