Tsipras says Greece honours those who gave their lives for the county

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Greece honours on October 28 those who chose their country over their lives during the battles of the 1940s after Greece rejected an ultimatum from Italy, signaling the country’s entry into the Second World War.

“Today we honour the epic battles of the ’40s. All those who, asked to choose between Greece and their lives chose Greece. With their fight against fascism and Nazism and the National Resistance, the Greek people proved their love for freedom,” he said in his message for the day.

“Today the country, after a period of darkness, crisis and guardianship, can look into the future with optimism. The people have proven in the last few difficult years that they have the courage, the ability and the historical burden to stand on their own feet during storms. We do not just hope for a better tomorrow. We built it step by step with freedom, solidarity, democracy and social justice. Certain that now, like then, nothing will be given to us for free. Tomorrow is in our own hands,” he added.