PM Alexis Tsipras: The entire state mechanism on alert

“It is a difficult time for Attica, it is a difficult night for Greece. At present, more than 600 men and women of the Fire Brigade are operating as well as more than 300 vehicles on three major fronts,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said late on Monday following his briefing at the Fire Brigade Coordination Centre in Chalandri.

The Prime Minister appealed to all citizens “to join forces to achieve the best.”

Tsipras noted that “we must all be in constant vigilance, unity and effort to deal with an extremely difficult situation for Attica and for the country” and thanked “all the men and women who have helped. Volunteers, and especially firefighters, men and women who have been able to save many lives by self-sacrifice.”

“We are next to them, the entire state mechanism is on alert, and the goal of all of us is to limit the catastrophic consequences of this phenomenon,” the prime minister said.

Tsipras returned from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, due to the fires raging in the Attica region.

He was about to be awarded for his contribution to peacekeeping in the Balkan region.