Tsipras: The first 100 days outside the programme are just the start

“On August 21, we announced the country’s exit from the memoranda after eight years that had shattered the economy, broken society and reshaped the political system,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in parliament on Wednesday. Pointing out that Thursday marked the completion of the first 100 days since Greece had exited the fiscal adjustment programme, he commented that these were “just the start”.

Noting that governments habitually marked their first 100 days in power with a review of their work, Tsipras said his own government’s real first 100 days ended on Thursday and offered a brief review of things set in motion in that time, such as:

– legislation disbursing back pay to military personnel and public officials

– Reduction in social insurance contributions for freelancers’ and newly-established professionals

– Legislation to reduce ENFIA property tax for over five million citizens with low or middle incomes

– Plans for cuts in business taxes

– A social dividend to be distributed to 1.4 million households

– Annulling pension cuts and adopting measures to support the poor and medium-income households

“Our own first 100 days are just the start, the righting of wrongs and the social and economic reorganisation will continue with even faster, more decisive steps – with the will of the Greek people – after October 2019,” he concluded.