Tsipras: The Greek people have proved they can show solidarity to those in need

“In very difficult times, the Greek people have proved that they can show solidarity with those in need,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said late on Thursday at the Global Hope Coalition’s Annual Dinner, where he was awarded for Greece’s stance on the refugee crisis.

The prime minister noted that he accepted this award on behalf of the Greek people, because the citizens of Greece are those who deserve credit and praise. Especially on behalf of the people of the Greek islands, he stressed, as they raised the heavy burden of all Europe on their shoulders in the difficult times of the refugee crisis.

“We are proud because at the time when other countries in Central Europe were building walls and fences, the Greeks opened their hearts,” he underlined.

“We are very proud of our history and the ideals it represents. But we are also proud of our present and the future,” the prime minister said. Because, as he added, “we have succeeded in demonstrating that solidarity and respect for human rights are always the right answer, even in the most difficult and demanding moments.”

“And if we choose to go on the opposite side, choose fear, hatred and xenophobia, then we are doomed,” because, as he added, “history must not be ignored and treated with a lack of respect.”

“We must act in harmony with the values that fueled the collective progress of each nation separately and of humanity as whole,” he said and added: “We owe it to our citizens, but especially to the next generations.”