Tsipras: There is not the feeling that the government understands the farming world’s problems

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras criticised the government on its policy in the farming sector from Kileler as part of his tour to the region of Thessaly on Wednesday to present his party’s programme “Menoume Orthioi 2”.

In a statement he said that “in the last year, month after month, the agriculture sector is experiencing worsening conditions, the income is shrinking and the prices are dropping while the production cost is increasing and unfortunately, there is not the feeling that the government understands the farming world’s problems,” he said.

He also accused the government of inertia in terms of how it is addressing the economic repercussions after the pandemic noting that the “prevailing feeling for farmers, the breeders and the fishermen is uncertainty for the future”.

“We are at a historic land, Kileler, the place where the local farmers, 110 years ago, with struggle claimed their rights with protests against the extended privileges of landowners and the limitation of their own rights. The country can’t move forward only with services and tourism, a country that does not produce and export can’t move forward and this is the real reason we are here today”.

Tsipras said that the “State should support the farmers’ immediate needs, fund the restart of their activities and give them a breather and liquidity with new funding tools”. He also said that another reason for his visit is to discuss the need of a new productive contract.