Tsipras: Unfortunate that government ideologically opposed to state-run health is managing pandemic

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Alexis Tsipras was briefed on the conditions prevailing in Larissa’s public hospital on Wednesday, particularly the city’s University hospital, during a visit to the city of Larissa.
“It is unfortunate for the country that a government with ideological obssessions against the national health system is managing the pandemic,” Tsipras underlined after the briefing, noting that this as like “asking a pyromaniac to become a fireman”.

Tsipras blamed the government for the difficult conditions in state hospitals due to the coronavirus, saying they could have been addressed if the government had taken measures earlier, over the last eight months.
Speaking of the problems after being briefed by the hospital’s administration and the representatives of the staff, Tsipras said the conditions there were ‘tragic’ as all COVID-19 ICU beds were occupied while “most worrying of all is that here, as
in all of Greece, a large number of doctors and nurses are ill Covid-19.”
More importantly, SYRIZA’s leader said, was that there were not enough staff and he underlined that, based on the information that he had for the University hospital, “the number of doctors and nurses in comparison with last year is the same or less”.

He asked for the immediate opening of private clinics for coronavirus incidents, underlining that “it is inconceivable that at this moment patients from Larissa are sent to other regions when private clinics are located next to the hospital and will not open to accept them”.

Later, Tsipras visited the town hall, where he met with the mayor of Larissa Apostolos Kalogiannis and afterwards had a scheduled meeting with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce.