Tsipras: A vote for the Greek President by the current Parliament equals a vote for extending the memorandum

A vote for the Greek President by the current Parliament equals a vote for extending the life of the current government and a vote for the continuation of the memorandum policies, main opposition SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras on Sunday said during the 2015 state budget debate in parliament.

Tsipras wondered how a deputy, who will not vote for the budget on Sunday night, will say “Yes” to the election of the Greek President. In this respect, Tsipras insisted that if tonight, in the budget vote, the government fails to secure the votes needed for the election of the Greek President then the government should tomorrow proceed with elections.

“And because we are fully aware that lenders have one aim; that a President is elected by this Parliament so as to give one-year extension to Samaras to continue the devastating work of this government. We are making this clear,” he said ahead of the budget roll call vote.

He added that the country stands before historical choices and no one has the right to plan for their implementation in absentia of the Greek people. “You have no right to commit the people and the country, you have no right to commit the next government with binding decisions,” he said.

Tsipras said that this budget is the sad picture of a government that has surrendered and which s certain that will soon be reviewed. He reiterated that the debt is not sustainable and cannot be sustainable through a policy of austerity and internal devaluation. He also said that new prior actions are imminent and added that the exit from the Memorandum requires the dismantling of measures rather its six month extension. At this point, he wondered what consensus the government asks for from SYRIZA since it is governing the country by e-mails. “We are not going to consent to new measures nor can we put our signature on plans that will impoverish the people,” he said. Tsipras.