Tsipras: We come to the citizens to ask for their views, opinions and participation

Main opposition SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday visited the town of Grevena in northwestern Greece, during a two-day tour of western Macedonia.

In an open debate with friends and party members held at the Grevena town hall, Tsipras said that, after the general elections, “SYRIZA has inaugurated a new kind of campaign involving the citizens; we come after the elections to ask for their opinion, their views but even more than that, to ask for their participation.”

He added that “we have a very ambitious plan, to form the democratic progressive party of the new era, whose members are more than just voters, every four years, but participants in the effort for progress, democracy and the country’s prosperity”.

Tsipras noted that “our adversaries created a toxic environment with the support of the majority of the media that supported and supports them,” and this helped them come to power while cultivating expectations that, within a few days, they would make everything better and deliver “bluer skies”.

“Unfortunately, the ‘sky’ has become dark and cloudy,” he added.

Nowhere was this more true than in the case of the Prespes Agreement, Tsipras said, noting that “those who sowed division and hatred before the elections, simply abandoned the citizens that had believed them after they came to power, stating that they will honour the agreement.”