Tsipras: Young people ‘the prime material for a new society in Greece’

Young people must not accept a “deeply unfair and vengeful system” promoted by a conservative government that does not care for them, SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance Alexis Tsipras told the young party’s congress opening on Thursdsay.

“Young people feel a deep insecurity for the present and their future, because they have the hardest time in Greece right now,” Tsipras said. “How are young people in our country expected to have a better quality of life?” he added.

The main opposition leader said initiatives to help young people included supporting innovation by young entrepreneurs and providing rent subsidies to young people, whether single or with a family, along with tax incentives for owners to keep rents low.”Rent subsidies for young people and couples 40 or under could reach at least 140 euros a month for the first person, to 350 euros a month for a couple with two children.”

This generation, Tsipras underlined, must become “the prime material for a new Greece and the new society we envision, one of social justice and prosperity, with space for the younger generation.”