Turkey will seek an escalation of tension, says ND’s Koumoutsakos

Turkey’s provocations in the Aegean are ” mostly linked with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s referendum on changing Turkey’s state system and his responsibilities as president,” main opposition New Democracy’s (ND) shadow minister for foreign affairs George Koumoutsakos said on Friday.

“I have already said that Turkey will possibly seek escalation of the tension in Aegean,” he said in an interview with Eidiseis newspaper, referring to the possibility of an ‘incident’ with Turkey.

Koumoutsakos also harshly attacked the government over the recent Eurogroup agreement on Greece:

“These measures will impact all tax-payers but most of all those that are financially weakest and pensioners. I don’t believe that by imposing these measures he (prime minister Alexis Tsipras) pushes early elections further away.”

On the possibility of return to the drachma, Koumoutsakos said that “nobody can be certain with Mr. Tsipras”