Turkish Deputy PM says Cyprus conference in Switzerland is held ‘forcibly’ by UN

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Tugrul Turkes, responsible for Cyprus Affairs, said the Cyprus conference at Crans-Montana is held “forcibly” by the UN.

“A meeting is again held at Crans-Montana – forcibly. I have to use this expression ‘forcibly’, by the UN,” he reportedly told Turkish Cypriots, diplomats and representatives of Turkish NGOs during an event in London over the weekend, according to Turkish-Cypriot media.

He said the Greek-Cypriot community, “as a member of the EU, which it has unfairly acquired, considers itself the main body [of the new cooperative]. It considers that it can judge who will join and who will not [in the new cooperative] and describes the Turkish Cypriot community as a minority. That is the problem. [The problem] starts there.”

Turkes also claimed that the Turkish proposal for Cyprus is “to secure and create a new, proper federal state with two equal communities. This is the right choice. The current population ratios mean nothing. This cannot be accepted.”

Irrespective of the population composition, Turkey supports a solution on the basis of the “union of two equal communities and structures,” he added.