Turkish foreign ministry ‘disappointed’ from Greek court extradition decision

The Turkish foreign ministry said it is “disappointed” by the decision of a Greek appeals court to reject for the second time the extradition request for eight Turkish officers who fled to Greece after the failed coup attempt, saying it will have consequences on bilateral relations.

“The Greek judiciary, which we expected to be fair and impartial, unfortunately once again disappointed us and rejected our request for the second time for the extradition of eight putschists who participated in the July15 coup attempt against our constitutional order,” the ministry said in a statement, adding Turkey doesn’t see the “support and cooperation” it wants from an ally in the fight against terrorism and crime.

The ministry also accused Greek authorities of “obstructing the members of the terrorist organizations’ targeting Turkey like the DHKP/C and PKK to be brought to justice” adding they “repeated their mistakes” again.

“This decision leaves the perpetrators without punishment and provides shelter to the putschists. It is clear that this decision, which exempts the offenders from the judiciary, is taken with political motives. This decision will inevitably affect our bilateral relations and our cooperation on regional matters with Greece as a country which embraces the putschists.”