Turkish officers seeking asylum in Greece may be wanted for Erdogan assassination attempt, Turkish sources say

The names given by two Turkish military officers that handed themselves in to Greek authorities on February 15 are the same as those of two men wanted for the attempted assassination of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish sources said on Thursday.

The two Turkish servicemen arrived at the Orestiada police station in northeastern Greece with their lawyers and voluntarily handed themselves in, while applying for asylum in Greece. The Turkish sources said the names they gave were the same as two men involved in the attempt on Erdogan’s life during the failed coup of July 15, 2016.
Turkish authorities have not yet requested the extradition of the two men held in Orestiada, while sources in Athens stressed that Greece will not be allowed to become a battle ground for Turkish authorities and the supporters of Fethullah Gülen.