ELSTAT: Turnover of enterprises in Greece totaled 236.2 bln euros in 2015

The combined turnover of enterprises operating in Greece (789,975) totaled 236.2 billion euros in 2015, Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Thursday.

In a report, the statistics service said that the production value of these enterprises was 139.4 billion euros, with a workforce of 2.2 million of which 1.4 million were wage earners. The report covered enterprises in the sectors of industry, construction, commerce and services.

These enterprises spent 193.1 billion euros for the purchase of goods and services in the framework of their operation, of which 99.2 million were purchases of goods and services to be resold without any processing. Investments totaled 9.2 billion euros.

The sectors with the largest number of enterprises were wholesale and retail commerce (253,167), followed by the professionals, technical services (152,731), hotel and restaurants (117,611). The wholesale/retail commerce sector recorded the biggest turnover (102.1 billion euros), followed by manufacturing and electricity, natural gas, air conditioning (53.5 billion and 19.7 billion euros respectively). Wholesale/retail commerce, manufacturing and transport/logistics spent the highest amounts on personnel costs (7.2 billion, 5.6 billion and 3.4 billion euros, respectively).

The wholesale/retail commerce sector was the biggest employer with 639,710 workers, of which 401,590 were wage earners, followed by hotel/restaurant sector (424,793 workers) and manufacturing (298,292 workers).

The sectors with the most small enterprises were wholesale/retail commerce, professionals and hotel/restaurants, while in the large enterprise category, manufacturing had 113 enterprises, followed by wholesale/retail commerce (83) and transport-logistics (55).