Twelve accused in cancer-drugs case testify before Corruption magistrate

The alleged head of a criminal organisation involved in the fraudulent misappropriation and black-market sale of expensive anti-cancer medication, along with another 11 people accused in connection with the case, will testify before a special examining magistrate for corruption on Tuesday.

Two nurses at the Laiko Hospital, a retired nurse from the same hospital and a pharmacist were remanded in custody on Monday, after testimony was taken from 13 of the suspects in the case.

The group testifying on Tuesday includes two doctors at state hospitals, who have been accused of issuing false medical certificates and trying to recruit additional medical staff to assist the ring’s activities.

The charges against those implicated in the affair include those of organising and participating in criminal fraud, sale of narcotic substances, embezzlement, money laundering and the issue and use of false medical certificates.

Greek authorities have so far arrested more than 21 people allegedly linked to the affair, while more arrests may be pending as the investigation unearths more evidence.