Twenty Greek enterprises in 26th AGRA fair

Twenty Greek enterprises participated in the 26th AGRA international fair held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, February 22-26, with half of them participating in a delegation organized by Enterprise Greece, the Greek embassy in Sofia said in a report.

The report, drafted by the Greek embassy’s Economic and Trade Affairs bureau, said that Greek exhibitors managed through their steady participation in the AGRA fair for several years to build remarkable and stable commercial relationships with Bulgarian businessmen in the agricultural sector.

The AGRA fair has organized in parallel with the 6th BIOAGRA, VINARIA and other four specialized fairs (HORECA PLOVDIV, FOODTECH, API BULGARIA and TASTES OF ITALY). The number of exhibitors in the AGRA-BIOAGRA fairs totaled around 400 while in the VINARIA fair around 130.

A total of 45,000 people visited the seven fairs.