Twenty-one arrested so far in black market cancer drugs scandal

Police have arrested 21 individuals so far, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists, on accusations of illegally removing expensive cancer medication from Greek hospitals and selling it on the black market, sources said to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) on Friday.

The same sources said that the ring had four leaders, one of whom is a permanent resident abroad.

According to the sources, the perpetrators removed the extremely expensive anti-cancer drugs out of Greek hospitals in various ways, including by writing out fake prescriptions, and sold them in mostly foreign countries at high prices, making millions of euros in profits.

Police have confiscated large quantities of the illegally obtained drugs, as well as cash, since the launch of the police operation on Thursday morning.

The individuals arrested will be taken before a public prosecutor to be indicted on Friday.

A detailed briefing on the case by the Financial Police is expected to follow.