Two e-auctions today do not concern family homes, notary association clarifies

Two e-auctions scheduled for today do not concern family homes, the Notary Association of Athens, Piraeus, the Aegean and the Dodecanese clarified on Wednesday.

In a statement, the association said the two foreclosure auctions, which would be completed at a notary’s office in the Kolonaki Square area, concern outstanding debts in the millions. One is a partly underground property in Thessaloniki owned by a company with debts of over 1 million euros, and the other is a private land plot that belongs to an individual who owes over 3.4 million euros from a syndicated bonded loan.

In addition, the association criticized groups staging protests and disseminating what it said was misinformation which are “unable (…) to contribute constructively at this critical time to safeguarding essentially the public interest.”