Two FYROM nationals held in Thessaloniki over illegal entry and Interpol warrant

Two nationals of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) who are wanted by their country in relation to a telephone tapping scandal are being held in Thessaloniki after entering Greece with forged Bulgarian passports.

The two men, 51 and 35 years old, were arrested at the Thessaloniki Airport on their way to another European Union country, and were charged with ownership and use of fake travel documents by a misdemeanors prosecutor. They are expected to be tried for these charges on Friday.

At the same time, Greek police found there is an outstanding Interpol warrant issued for them, in connection to charges by FYROM authorities of “setting up a criminal organisation and (of) crimes of high technology carried out in FYROM.”

FYROM documents list the two men as high-level staff members of the counter-espionage security forces. They are charged by the Balkan country’s authorities with involvement in the scandal of illegal telephone tapping under the government of former FYROM prime minister Nikola Gruevski.

After being led before a prosecutor for deportations, the two denied all charges, and expressed the fear that if they are returned to FYROM their life will be in danger. The decision on whether to deport them or not rests with the appeals council of Thessaloniki, which will decide on whether to extradite them or not, in the near future.