Two Greek islanders and actress Susan Sarandon to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Emilia Kamvysi, a 85-year old woman from Lesvos island, a 40-year old fisherman Stratis Valiamos and the actress Susan Sarandon have been nominated for the Nobel Prize, according to sources.

The deadline for the nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize will expire at Sunday midnight.

A petition on the website in favour of the nomination of Greek islanders has amassed more than 500,000 signatures.

“We are asking the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to the residents and volunteers of the Aegean islands that have opened their arms to refugees and sent a message of humanity and solidarity that has touched the whole planet,” the petition noted.

The president of the Greek parliament Nikos Voutsis has expressed his support to the Greek islanders. “The citizens of the Aegean islands, and especially Lesvos, constitute an example for the European civilization,” Voutsis underlined.

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