Two Pakistanis wanted as suspects in the murder of a priest in February

Two Pakistani nationals aged 28 and 33 years old, respectively, are wanted as suspects in the murder of a 46-year-old priest, Greek authorities announced on Wednesday. Both suspects have fled the country, returning to Pakistan by air on the same day that the murder took place. The priest was found dead in his home in the Athens suburb of Gerakas, on February 13.

Based on the findings of the autopsy, the priest’s death was the result of suffocation caused by a towel placed on his face by the perpetrators after beating him. There were no signs of a break in and the door had not been forced, while the suspects are alleged to have made off with clerical items, a laptop and mobile phone. It is not clear whether they also took any money.

According to police sources, the priest was acquainted with the two suspects, who worked on farms in Crete, via the internet.

Police have drawn up charges of deliberate homicide and robbery that were submitted to an Athens public prosecutor, who then issued arrest warrants. Authorities have also initiated the process for the issue of international arrest warrants.

A request has also been submitted to prosecuting authorities to permit the publication of the suspects’ identity details and photographs.